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  • I participate at courses of the undergraduate and graduate programmes of Wood Science and Technology, Forestry and at doctoral programme of Biosciences:


    Wood Structure I
    Wood Structure II - elective subject

    Wood Anatomy
    Use of Wood


    Wood Structure 

    Wood as a Material in Forestry - elective subject
    Wood Structure for Foresters - elective subject

    Bologna 2nd level:
    Wood Structure and Properties

    Bologna 3rd level:
    Properties of Lignocellulosic Materials

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    Katarina Cufar


    Mailing Address: University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty,Department of Wood Science and Technology
    Jamnikarjeva 101, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Visiting Address: Vecna pot 2 (building of the Slovenian Forestry Institute)

    Telephone: 00386-1-320-3645


    Title: Prof. Dr. / Full Professor of Wood Science

    Current position: Deputy of vice dean for Wood Science and Technology, Head of the Chair of Wood Science  

    Expertise: wood science, wood anatomy, wood biology, wood formation, dendrochronology

    Awards: lecturer of the year in 2005 and 2010  


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    Workbook for students

                Preview of some pages

    “Wood Anatomy - Instructions for Laboratory Work” is a textbook written by Katarina Čufar and Martin Zupančič to make studying wood structure and identification more interesting and effective. The version of this book in  Slovenian language has been in use for more than a decade. A limited number of books is now available also in English. The price of 98 page paperback book is 15 Euros + porto. If you are interested please contact me.


    For details see Biobliography.


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    Basic information on our research topics (archive)


    Wood formation

    Dendroarchaeology and the oldest wheel

    Article of Dr. Anton Veluscek here>

    Monograph "Pile dwelling Stare gmajne and its time" with description of the oldest wheel

    Important Past Events  



    Teaching the Department of Wood Science  and Technology and Department of Forestry and Renewable Sources. If you are a foreign exchange student you can select the elective subject Wood Structure II or  contact me for details.

    LE030 Wood Structure II, 6 ECTS

    I have received  Lecturer of the year awards in 2005 and 2010


    Graduation and doctoral theses  - please see my entire bibliography in COBISS 


    Peter PRISLAN. 2012. Inter and intra-annual xylem and phloem formation in common beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) from two sites in Slovenia. 
    The dissertation was completed in March 2012. Co-supervisor was dr. Jožica Gričar. The dissertation was   completed in cooperation with dr. Gerald Koch, dr. Uwe Schmitt, dr. Jasna Štrus, their colleagues and supported by many others. Thank you!


    Tjasa TOLAR. 2011.Archaeobotanical investigations at the sites of Ljubljansko barje, Slovenia.
    The dissertation was completed  in cooperation with prof. dr. Stefanie Jacomet,  guided by dr. Anton Velušček and evaluated by prof. dr. Nejc Jogan. 

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    Dr. Matej Jošt

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    University of Ljubljana

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  • Complete bibliography: COBISS


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    Selected Bibliogaphy with pdf versions or links to articles, last update -18 July 2016




    4th meeting: Historical Wood Utilization, Past utilization of beech wood and other hardwoods and challenges for the future, 13 - 16 June, 2016, Land of hayracks; Open Air Museum, Šentrupert – Trebnje, Slovenia

    27th European Dendroecological Fieldweek, 12 – 18 September 2016 in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

    FPS COST Action FP1302 Wood Musick, Training School: Dendrochronological dating of music instruments, 15– 18 June 2015, Biotechnical Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia



    CRP V4-1419 Racionalna raba lesa listavcev s poudarkom na bukovini, Rational use of hardwoods with a focus on beech wood





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